Our aim

  1. To promote friendship and understanding between Pacific China friendship associations and China;
  2. To encourage the establishment of China Friendship Associations in the Pacific region;
  3. To promote and participate in projects of mutual interest, including cultural, educational and economic activities;
  4. For Association Members to mutually support each other as friends and allies in the development of our objectives and activities;
  5. To regularly disseminate information between Members regarding regional matters and China;
  6. To strive to correct misunderstandings, inaccuracies or misleading information published about any Member or China;
  7. To sponsor or provide as far as practicable, assistance and/or material aid or information to Members; and
  8. To enter into strategic partnerships with other like organizations in order to advance the aims of the Association.
  9. At national level, each national Friendship Association operates autonomously from PCFA,
  10. PCFA, collectively through the different Friendship Association, has vast experience in people-to-people relationships with China.
  11. PCFA proposes a double approach:
  • An individual country approach, through each autonomous Friendship Association, to better recognize country-specific priorities,
  • A regional approach to better acknowledge our common challenges and opportunities.